• About Us

    LEEAHN DESIGN is professional corporation based in Orange County, California providing commercial
    & residential design and construction. We are a team of professionals that works closely with our clients
    in order to deliver desired results.
    With twelve years of konwledge in the interior design & construction business, we pride ourselves in
    our ability to support our projects very well. Not only we loved our job, but we are truly committed to
    each project. We provide comprehensive services to our clients, offering the latest industry standard
    & experience proven solutions.
    If you desire assistance handling well-designed construction needs, we are the right choice.
    We believe in honest pay for honest work. As experts in our industry, we understand not only the logistics
    of the building industry, but also the entire process including the involved parties.

    LEEAHN DESIGN was founded in 2002 as an interior design company by Lee Ahn who graduated from
    Hongik University in Seoul, who then went on to graduate from the Fashion Institute of Design &
    Merchandising in Los Angeles.
    She has had various experience in areas such as store design & display, having managed for international
    luxury designer brands, and has also participated as a stadium design member of 86 Asia Games and
    88 Seoul Olympic Games. She became involved in the residential design business when she set up office
    in Orange County, California. The company expanded its business to a serious construction area (UB CON)
    and has accumulated great experience in both the design & construction Field throughout the greater
    Orange County & Los Angeles Community within the past ten years. We take great pride in our quality
    performance and ethical business practices.

    * Interior Design & Consulting (Commercial/Residential)
    * Space Arrangement & Remodeling
    * Architectural Services
    * Construction Management
    1. Quality
    2. Cost Saving Benefits to the clients
    3. Improved Risk management

    LEEAHN DESIGN has focused on the development of strong professional staff and sophisticated system
    of support.